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Weather forecast

Here you can get the current weather forecast for Soelden. 

morning: 1°C/34°F
Sunshine: 60%
afternoon: 5°C/41°F
Sunshine: 40%
Friday: 0°C/32°F
Sunshine: 20%
Saturday: 3°C/37°F
Sunshine: 80%


Glass and good luck, brittle muck! This proverb certainly applies to the weather luck in Central Europe! The sunny period is slowly coming to an end now. The morning will still be bright with only a few clouds, but these will gradually increase. The weather will, however, stay dry until the evening.


On Friday, a weak weather front will pass over our region bringing maritime air and a few thick clouds and showers to our region. From Saturday, however, we will see a return to sunny high pressure weather!