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Weather forecast

Here you can get the current weather forecast for Soelden. 

morning: -8°C/18°F
Sunshine: 60%
afternoon: -1°C/30°F
Sunshine: 80%
Thursday: 0°C/32°F
Sunshine: 20%
Friday: -4°C/25°F
Sunshine: 20%


Areas of low pressure keep passing over Central Europe. Between these lows, there is only little space for ridges of high pressure. Thanks to just such a ridge of high pressure, our weather will temporarily calm down on Wednesday. The morning will be cloudy, but by midday, the sky will brighten up.


From tomorrow, troughs of low pressure will extend to our region from the Atlantic. They will bring occasional, thick bands of clouds, showers and rising temperatures. Significant snowfall is expected on Friday or Saturday.