Questions and answers

When are our course times?

  • Group course at Giggijoch: Daily from 10.30 am - 1 pm and 1.45 pm - 3.15 pm 
  • Private lessons 1 hour: 9 am - 10 am or 3 pm - 4 pm 
  • Private lessons 1.5 hours: 9 am - 10.30 am 
  • Private lessons 2 hours: 9 am - 11 am, 11 am - 1 pm or 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm 
  • Private lessons 3 hours: 9 am - noon or noon - 3 pm 
  • Private lessons 4 hours: Start possible from 9 am.

Where is the meeting point for the courses?

Our meeting point is at the office at the mountain station of the Giggijoch cable cardirectly to the right of the restaurant, and features a green banner with the words “Skischule Depot”. 

What are the opening hours of our offices?

We are available for you every day: 

  • Office Giggijoch Berg: 8.30 am–4 pm 

You can reach us by phone at any time: +43 (0) 5254 3821

Which ski lift do I have to take to get to the meeting point?

For beginners: Giggijoch cable car – meeting point can be reached on foot

For advanced/professionals: Giggijoch cable car or Gaislachkogl cable car to the middle station – blue 6 to Langegg cable car – blue 13 to Giggijoch

Is the ski pass included in the ski course fee?

No. The ski pass must be purchased separately.

Do beginners need a ski pass?

For beginners, there is the Giggijoch beginners’ ticket, which can be purchased for the first day. Every additional day can then be discussed with the ski instructor.

How many days of skiing lessons are recommended for beginners?

For group courses we recommend at least 3 days for beginners.

Can our children be in the same group together?

If your children have the same level of ability, the instructors are available and if the grouping allows it, there is nothing to stop them from being in the same group.

Sadly, we can’t promise you anything, but we will of course try to make it happen for you! 

Which level do I have to book?

Please tell us your current level (what level did you have in your last holidays?)

Here you can find our levels for  kidsadults  and  snowboarders

Childcare at lunchtime

Our full-day courses do not include lunch supervision. You can buy the lunch (with drinks and food) for EUR 17,- per day (for children and teenagers up to and including 14 years of age). 

Package offers: If you book a  package (ski or snowboard) lunch supervision is also not included. You can add it for EUR 17,- per day.

In which languages are the courses offered?

Our group courses are held in German and English (international courses). 

We also have teachers in our team who speak Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and French.  

Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you will get an instructor with your mother language in the groups (except German and English). 

If you wish to book the course in one of the above languages, we can recommend our private lessons.

Can equipment be hired from the ski school?

You are welcome to book the equipment directly through us and hire it at our meeting point  at the Giggijoch mountain station.

What equipment should I bring to the lessons?

To make sure you have a successful day at the ski school, besides the normal ski equipment (skis, boots and poles), we recommend that you bring the following: 

  • Helmet
  • Ski goggles and/or sunglasses
  • Suncream
  • Gloves
  • Hat to wear under the helmet/balaclava

Can the course be postponed if the weather is bad?

No, booked courses cannot be cancelled on the grounds of bad weather. Course cancellations due to weather-related influences – force majeure – will not be reimbursed. 

What cancellation fees should I expect?

The terms and conditions of the Austrian hotel regulations apply: 

Cancellation policy: 

  • 0% – for cancellations up to 1 week before the course starts
  • 35% – for cancellation up to 1 day before the course starts, by 4 pm at the latest
  • 100% – for cancellations 1 day before the course starts after 4 pm

The course ticket is non-transferable! Unused course days are not valid! 

Please note that group lessons or private courses must be paid for before the course starts, without exception. 

The ski school is not liable for loss or damage to the equipment. The hirer is responsible for the proper return of the equipment. 

For more information, see our General Terms and Conditions. 

Will the course time be extended if I am late for the course?

No. Please arrive at the meeting point on time so that you can make the most of every minute of your course.

The ski instructors have a strict schedule, so there is no way to make up for missed time. 

Do I get my money back in case of injury or illness?

ATTENTION:  The lessons have to be cancelled the  day before until 4pm,  instead  the  money will not be refunded!

Terms of cancellation: 

  • 0%  - for cancellations  until 1 week before course start

  • 35% - of the total amount -  for cancellations until 04.00 pm 1 day before course start  at the latest

  • 100%  -  for cancellations after 04.00 pm 1 day before course start

Here  you can find more information. 

Can a group course be changed to a private course?

Of course. If we have an instructor available, the course can be changed. You will then only have to pay the difference.

Can I get an instructor at any time?

Yes, if you book early enough. 

There can be waiting times, especially in the high season, so we recommend booking early so that we can cater specifically to your wishes.

How large are the groups?

When booking our group courses, we try not to exceed the maximum number of participants of 7. 

Can group courses also be booked at the weekend?

Yes. Our courses take place every day.

Can the private instructor pick me up from the hotel?

For private lessons that take place in the morning or all day , your instructor can pick you up directly from your accommodation. 

For organisational reasons, this is unfortunately not possible for lunchtime or afternoon courses.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by phone, email or on site. 

You can find our contact detailshere.